5 Bizarre Things A Person Must Experience In Dubai

Dubai is one of the best places to spend your vacations and holidays. There are many fun and thrilling locations waiting for you in Dubai. There are too many activities and parks for children to enjoy. You can enjoy the lavishness that this city offers by exploring some Villas for sale in Dubai if you are trying to settle here with a big family.

The land is ancient, although the UAE is a new federation of states. To see the beauty of the area, it is important to get out of the cities, so some of the uncommon locations in Dubai, are not really in Dubai. Let’s take a look at some of those bizarre places.

Experience the Big Red

You have to leave Dubai on Hatta Road if you really want to experience the atmosphere of the Big Red. When you move on from the coast, the color in the desert changes from a grey-white to an orange-red. Big Red was named after it, a common location for dangerous dunes. You might not want to head to this huge dune in order to speed up the revellers, but it is enough to just watch the shenanigans.

Enjoy in the desert with self-driving

Joining a team that gives you the resources and the transport to go out in the deep desert will challenge you in several respects and take you to areas you are never going to see again. The desert, especially at sunset and dawn, is breathtaking.  It’s worth living in the desert overnight as long as you can deal with no air conditioning, shower, or a king-size bed. There are many businesses offering a number of overnight activities, but the experience of self-drive has it all. You can have a sense of fear the first time you approach the crest of a dune. The gentle slip down the dune face would instantly eliminate it by the red sand streaming down around you.

Enjoy riding quad bikes in the desert

For the adventurous and young at heart, quad bikes are a great deal of fun. This is provided by several companies, and some even provide you with a service to have an overnight stay in the desert as a part of the fun. If you don’t want to drive, as we know that many people feel more relaxed as a passenger than the driver themselves, you can always have an overnight trip in the desert that gives a feeling of Bedouin life.

There is a chance to get into the red desert around Liwa and see the famed mega-truck that belongs to the ‘Rainbow Sheikh’ on a two-day trip that involves hotel stays if camping has never had any appeal for you.

Polo Club of Dubai

This rare activity is possible via the Polo Club of Dubai. They’ll teach the basics to you and a couple of your mates then set you up with each other. It’s a perfect way to bond into bits or bludgeon each other. It’s a whole lot more fun than the typical brief trip made available too often on a tired camel. As well as the Polo Club is a nice place to be, with restaurants and a salon to ease the discomfort during the ride.

Take a stroll around old Dubai

It is too easy these days to be tempted to savor just the luxurious side of Dubai, so stretch the limits in the quiet atmosphere of the morning or early evening. In Dubai, either side of the Creek is where it is possible to see the remaining old parts of Dubai real close. For a very limited sum of money, you can cross the creek in an abra, a typical water-taxi. With the huge number of employees in the city who use this affordable and effective transport system, the fun is to bustle on and off again. The crossing will be more fun if it is windy. It is enough just to be on the creek and look at all the shows that still trade between Dubai and other points along the Arab/Persian Gulf to trigger the imagination.

You will find both the Gold Souk and the Spice Souk on the Deira side of the Creek. This is the first time for many tourists that they have seen so much gold and so many spices in a quite vast array. It is a good spot for you if you want to buy gold. It will show the gold price and weigh your picked objects in front of you. Do some bargain; it’s suggested that you should.

If you are planning to visit Dubai to experience these places, you should contact some real estate companies in Dubai that will help you to get accommodation.