Buying Postage Online – How Small Businesses Can Lower Their Mailing Costs

There once was a time while office mail rooms used bulky, inefficient and pricey meter machines to stamp their outgoing mail. The machines dispensed postage, all proper, but they ran down, inflicting postal inspectors or organisation representatives to must come to a stalled workplace to reset and recharge the meter. Once ink ran out, the equal rep needed to be known as in to promote a proprietary ink that could continually be the most effective one that labored within the meter – for a hefty price. The meters were so rigid that each one they did became stamp postage – you wished a separate machine for addressing.

And but there are nevertheless mail rooms that use meters – inside the new digital age, this is tantamount to using a horse and buggy down the parkway!

Fortunately, way to on-line postage software, generally referred to as PC Postage, the day of the postage meter is coming to an stop. With PC Postage, you buy your postage online direct from the USA Postal Service or one in all its decided on partners (consisting of Stamps.Com), and print your postage out proper onto your envelope the usage of an ordinary inkjet or laserjet printer.

What is PC Postage?

PC Postage is a application originated via the United States Postal Service which lets in clients to print legit US Postage directly onto envelopes or mailing labels after being offered Discounted Postage  over the Internet. Unlike traditional postage meters, postage can be sold “A l. A. Carte” as needed as opposed to being bought in huge block as with a meter. Therefore, your mail room isn’t saddled with sizeable quantities of paid-for postage that you might not want all at once.

PC Postage is offered thru some of partner carriers, amongst them Stamps.Com, Endicia, and Pitney Bowes’ Shipstream. Each offers PC postage services for almost all mail classes, in addition to support for almost all mailpieces, from postcards as much as the most 70-pound parcels allowable thru the USPS.

Why use PC Postage? Why now not just lease a meter?

PC Postage gives you several advantages over the conventional postage meter by way of empowering you to run your mailroom the way YOU need to, not the way the meter lets in you to.

O PC Postage is easy to set up. Register for an account, set up the software, and you’re ready to go.

O No additional device to buy – a web connection, pc and printer is all you want. Many of the main PC Postage providers inclusive of Stamps.Com even offer you with a unfastened scale as a startup incentive.

O No lengthy-time period contracts and no hidden prices – With postage meters, you can be on the hook for 3 years to pay the monthly price of up to $70 just for the rent or fee at the device.

Postage Meter Contracts Contain Tons of Hidden Costs?
Additionally, postage meters include many special hidden charges that could increase their overall operating prices dramatically. Whiles those expenses vary, here are the four maximum not unusual hidden costs observed in a postage meter settlement:

1. Most meters have special blends of proprietary inks, or inks in boxes engineered to fit only the gadget – obtainable, of path, simplest from the meter’s service representative. Either manner, the ink on my own can fee you upwards of $0.10 in step with print – for a meter that could typically make round 800 prints consistent with ink fill, it’s an outlay of $eighty whenever the ink wishes recharging.

2. When you “reset” your meter, both via shopping for more postages over the cellphone or having a consultant come and recharge the postage internal, the meter corporation fees an extra fee. You are not charged a recharge charge (which could run as a great deal as $25 in line with recharge) as a PC Postage consumer.

3. PC Postage offers your commercial enterprise more flexibility in its mailings. You can print postage, deal with, and monitoring in one single print, giving your mailings a expert, polished appearance. This includes aid for postcards and tri-fold mailings.

Four. In the unfortunate occasion of a misprint or different mistake, refunds may be treated right through the PC Postage seller purchaser, saving you time and money.

PC Postage: the logical evolution of postal generation. Erase the headaches that come with the old postal meter – attempt PC Postage nowadays!