Find and Attend Sports Autograph Signings

There are a couple things to know before going to a sports autograph signing. First, be prepared to wait in the line. Depending on the popularity of the athlete, lines of hundreds and hundreds of people can form outside the signing venue. Depending on the size of the venue, people are sometimes directed to form lines outside of the building, so be aware of the weather conditions. Wear comfortable shoes because you will have to stand for a long period of time. Chairs, however, are not practical since most lines at sports autograph signings will move at a slow but steady pace.

Second, it is a good idea to have the items you wish to have signed chosen before the signing event. Not all venues will offer items for purchase and those that do may run out before you get to them. If at all possible, choose and purchase the item you wished to have signed well in best 3 star ping pong balls advance of the event. You might also want to think about you want the athlete to write on your ball, poster or program. Some athletes will just sign their names while others will ask if you want to have a special message included. Trying to think of something clever, or remembering your name for that matter, while standing in front of your all-time favorite baseball player may be difficult, so write down your desired message if you think you might freeze up.

Finally, don’t offer to ask the athlete to sign thirty other items for your thirty closets friends. Without a doubt, when people hear that you’re going to a sports autograph signing, they will want you to get them a signature too. However, asking for this many is annoying for the athlete and unfair to the people waiting behind you. If your friends requesting autographs are capable of standing in line with you, invite them to come along.

There are plenty of resources for finding sports autograph signings in your area. Check your favorite team’s website. Most include a schedule of appearances by the team and by individual players of the team if they are related to team activities. Some individual players have their own websites, so you may want to check there as well. Finally, websites like and offer full schedules of all sports autograph signings by date and location.