How to clean a fabric sofa

Usually, sofas are located in the living room of the houseThat’s why it is considered as the face of the homeowner. When a visitor comes to visit

But if your favorite sofa Full of dirt, food scraps, candy crumbs, or other small things, it would make people own the house. There was quite a bit of embarrassment for the visitors.

Today we’re going to take a look at how. where you will be able to wash the fabric sofa and clean by yourself That will help make the sofa come back clean and beautiful like new again.

How to clean and wash cloth sofas

Usually, there are 2 types of sofas, which are fabric sofas that can be removed and washed. with a non-removable

  1. If the sofa at your home The casing can be removed and washed. You can just wash it. But do not wash by using a washing machine is strictly prohibited. because it will cause the casing to lose its shape will be busy The best way is Soak in a tub or basin. Soak in the detergent for half an hour. to remove stains Then wash it by hand to clean again.
  2. If your home uses a sofa non-removable It may use a general cleaner. It could be the liquid used to clean your car’s upholstery. Or now there’s a spray for cleaning fabrics. For sofa lining, especially sold as well.
  3. If your fabric sofa There are some stains on it. but cannot be washed You may try to use a solution that is used for topical cleaning, but before using it, you should try it on other parts first. because some liquids are violent May cause damage to the fabric sofa.
  4. Dust, food scraps that fell in the corner of the sofa to be dragged out of the house Turn the sofa upside down and knock. Then use a vacuum cleaner to suck it all out. Then use a clean cloth moistened with disinfectant. clean other parts both in the stand and the frame of the sofa
  5. Put the sofa in the sun to kill germs again Leave it for 3-4 hours in addition to disinfecting. It also helps to drain the musty smell because the fabric sofa, if not washed or cleaned for a long time, various odors will accumulate quite a bit already.
  6. If there are cushions that come with the fabric sofa set was used to wash by being immersed in water mixed with disinfectant leave it for a while and then wash by hand as usual
  7. Don’t forget to clean. sofa area You can use regular floor cleaners or plain water.

After cleaning and washing sofa until everything is complete You will also get a fabric sofa. that can receive guests including sitting comfortably I finally came back.

If you ever want to get something cleaned like a thorough cleaning of your home or property or any other sort of cleaning, we will advice you to keep the cost factor in mind. Nobody wants to upset the budget. You can always consult widely available cleaning cost calculator. One such is given below for getting a clear cleaning estimate.