OnePlus Nord 2 the Best Mobile Phone For You

The Oppositely named ” OnePlus Nord 2″ was introduced in the market earlier this year with its advanced imaging features and cutting-edge software. The product has been heralded by many reviewers and critics across the world for its unique blend of smartphone technology coupled with a stylish body. The device is equipped with a 5.5-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touchscreen that offers high definition viewing. The manufacturer has also fitted it with some unique features. These enable the user to enjoy an ultimate mobile experience with a mobile that is capable of rendering high resolution graphics.

One of the unique features of the handset is its large oneplus nord 2 battery which provides users plenty of power on the go. The large capacity battery enables the device to support prolonged usage. Many persons find it hard to draw energy even with the help of their smartphones while travelling. The huge battery helps users to enjoy long hours of talk time on the move without facing any battery related issues. The OnePlus Nord 2 has been designed with a precision-tuned user interface that features an excellent virtual keyboard and an enhanced system for managing media files.

The oneplus nord 2 comes with a host of advanced tools and applications that are pre-installed on the smartphone. One such handy application is the Boost Mobile Emulator that allows users to use their smartphones as a generic HTC device. This enables them to enjoy the advanced capabilities of HTC devices like music management, camera and games. This is facilitated by fast charging support and also by the phone’s double-core CPU. Users can make use of the fast charging facility provided by the phone to enjoy power save modes and other useful features that come with the handset.

Another advance feature of the oneplus nord 2 is the OxygenOS 3.2 version that comes with the device’s unique Mediatek dim density 1200 engine. The OxygenOS 3.2 engine has been developed by Google and is a complete mobile solution that ensures smooth and fast performance. With this latest release, one can also enjoy the multi-orientation interface and the Material Design language that has been used extensively in the Oxygen OS 3.2 and many other Google Android handsets. The phone comes with a large storage capacity and offers plenty of memory space to keep valuable data such as the latest SMS messages, contacts, images, videos and more.

The device is powered by the dual-core Oxygen OS 3.2 and is furnished with a dual camera on one side and an image capture phone on the other side. This allows you to enjoy the benefits of both visualizers on one side and video recording tools on the other side. The OnePlus Nord 2 also comes with an extended memory support and with a generous amount of space to keep other vital applications such as the Android Wearables kit and the Android Market Fit. There is also a built-in browser that supports encrypted web pages to help you stay safe from online dangers.

The OxygenOS comes with a unique feature – a feature called Oxymorator which enables one to activate the screen saver in the background thereby reducing the drain on the phone’s battery life. With the help of this feature, you are able to enjoy the benefits of the Oxygen widget even when the screen is off thus enjoying prolonged battery life. This smartphone has a modern design which is complimented by a vivid display that features a high-definition screen. If you want to own a smartphone that comes with a distinct look and feel along with impressive applications and a great camera then you should definitely consider buying the OxygenOS 2.