Television: A Brief History

While it may seem an unbelievable concept to the modern day individual, there was one a time before the television existed. One cannot help but wonder what people did with their spare time, how information and news was spread and how a basic enjoyment could be found. Well, maybe everyone just talked to each other, though that can’t have been as interesting as the latest sci-fi drama or an episode of one’s favorite soap! But talk to any adult from that period and he will tell their life was not less interesting. But surely they weren’t that well connected with the world. Weighing the pros and cons of TV is an ever going debate but for me the pros are a little heavier.

The first demonstration of televised images was in 1926. The product of many years work, the first images on a television are unimpressive to us now, but of the time they were revolutionary. Noting when television was officially invented is difficult, as various inventors sought throughout the early 20th century to achieve this feat – and even then, the definition of ‘television’ can be sketchy.

The first television as something we would recognize as a television today was invented by John Logie Baird, a Scottish inventor. Baird, and his company Baird Television Development Company, began broadcasting images from ever increasing distances in the mid 1920s. Baird is credited with being the inventor of television, though he utilized earlier technologies explored as far back at the late 19th century.

Television has continued to develop since Baird’s time. Originally broadcast in black and white, the first color televisions became available in the 1960s. By the 1990s, television was being broadcast using digital – rather than conventional analogue – technologies. The late 2000s saw the advent of high definition television, as well as systems such as TiVo which allow for live pause and broadcast of television. The future will doubtless include further technological ventures, as this medium continues to grow and grow.

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